About Major Discovery Week

Major Discovery Week (MDW) was a virtual series of events that took place from March 15-19, 2021.

Some sessions were live, some were pre-recorded videos, and others were downloadable materials. During MDW, students were able to browse, explore, and ask questions of majors and certificate programs from all eight undergraduate schools and colleges.

Use the tools and resources on this website to explore the many majors and certificates offered at UW-Madison. 

Who is Major Discovery Week For?  (Hint: you!) 

Whether you’re a freshman or junior, already declared or haven’t quite figured out your academic path, Major Discovery Week is a great place to start.

MDW is for you if:

  • You are undecided about a major and/or certificate
  • You are torn between a few major/certificate ideas
  • You already have a major and are curious to learn about certificates or an additional major
  • You want to connect with staff from majors and certificates that you’re already a part of

Making the Most of Major Discovery Week's Resources

  1. Review the list of majors and certificates in the Guide. For majors, you can search by your interest area(s), which can be less daunting than trying to navigate the entire list. Click on each major and certificate that interests you and read its description. Keep track of the majors and certificates that interest you most.
  2. Research more about the majors and certificates on your narrowed list using the Guide and departmental websites.
  3. Keep an open mind! Even if you’re aware of some majors and certificates you want to explore, by staying open and curious you might discover something new and wonderful!
  4. Check out the MDW session videos and resources!
  5. Visit the Career Exploration Center website for resources to explore majors and careers. Additionally, consider scheduling an appointment with a Career Advisor!

Sample Questions To Ask a Major Representative

  • What’s the best thing about this major/certificate?
  • What do other students find interesting about this major/certificate?
  • Do I have to apply and be accepted?
  • When do students typically apply?
  • How competitive is the application process?
  • Are there any student organizations associated with this major/certificate?
  • What would be a good first class to check out this major/certificate? 
  • Are there any certificates related to this major, in case I choose another major but still want to study this subject in some depth?